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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TownePlace Suites by Marriott®. All opinions are 100% mine.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott® has partnered with The Container Store® to help their guests be organized during their stay to bring the amazing elfa® closet. No more boring hotel closet, now you will have a customizable closet with lots of options to keep you organized on the road. Features include shelves, closet rods, and hanging drawers. This is great for an extended stay at the hotel which TownePlace Suites® is perfect for being an all suite hotel with full kitchens and free breakfast.


Packing can be rough especially when you have to pack for yourself and three children AND keep yourself organized while you are on your trip. It can be overwhelming. More often than not I have to pack for me and three kids in one little carry-on suitcase. Talk about stuffing and rolling! The best part is once I get to my destination I have to find a way to keep my stuff organized since keeping it in my suitcase is likely not an option.

We visited our local The Container Store® to help us in our valiant efforts to keep organized on our longer trips. There is nothing worse than having an unorganized chaotic scramble in the morning when you are trying to head out to your day at the theme park and not be able to find hair brushes, socks or sunscreen!

Here are my top three tips for keeping organized while traveling with children:

Keep toiletries organized. As I mentioned before it’s a headache to have items loose in your suitcase or floating around your suitcases. Having it all in one place including toothbrushes and medicine means you know where it is and it’s out of little hands reach. We love hanging toiletries bags such as Resort Hot Iron and Essential Organizer we got at The Container Store®. It is so nice to hang it up on the hook or the shower and have it be out of the way. It works especially well on cruise ships.

Container Store travel items

Keep like items grouped. It may at first glance feel like keeping everyone’s clothes separated would be more beneficial but really it helps so much to keep all the jammies together, all the socks together, all the swimsuits together so you only have to rifle through one area to get everything for everybody. I have seen complete outfits packed together in Ziploc bags and I think that works so well too. Easy grab on the go.

suitcase packing tips

Roll don’t fold. If you are all packing in one suitcase it will save so much space to roll. It takes more work and you may have a few wrinkly pieces at your destination but sometimes it’s just the price you have to pay for more space.

Other tips to help save room while packing: get a folding hairbrush like the one pictured above. It will save space and is easy to slip in pockets and diaper bags for on the go hair fixes (can you tell I have all-girls?). Also we hate buying over-priced sunscreen at our sunny destinations so we always pack our own. We also have a specific brand we prefer that is difficult to find. The GoGear squeeze bottles let you fill and reuse and are TSA regulation size. All products that are pictured above and can be found at The Container Store®.

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Comments 38

  1. I travel a lot and I’ve found staying organized for me is easier when I focus on the less is more rule! I try to mix and match items. Use the same shoes for multiple outfits, pack bottoms that match with multiple tops. Be realistic about what you will really be using.

  2. I stay organized by putting all of my everyday essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, etc.) in a large, separate Ziploc bag at the top of my luggage so I can find them quickly.

  3. I try to pack lightly so I can find what I need in my suitcase without having to dig around in it. It’s really important because on short stays I sometimes don’t even unpack. I would be very tempted to with such a nice closet though!

  4. After having my luggage lost once, I use the ziploc space saver bags that you suck the air out of for items that I don’t care about getting wrinkled so I can fit as much as possible in a carry on bag. I also carry a travel sized bottle of downy wrinkle release spray because I hate to iron.

  5. Organization is not my strong suit but I’ve found that making a list beforehand helps a lot and drastically cuts down on my stress as I pack.

  6. When my husband and I used to travel before we had our daughter we would just throw our stuff together in a suitcase without any rhyme or reason, but with a little one we had to start packing with a purpose. We use packing cubes to keep our clothes seperate, ours in one and our daughters in another (she needs way more outfit changes than we do ;). Like you suggested, we roll our clothes so we can fit more in.

    I love the toiletries container you posted. I use something similar and it makes traveling so much easier. Just unload it from the suitcase and hang it on a bathroom hook!

  7. I always pack a large ziploc with our toothbrushes, paste and toiletries together so that I’m not digging all night to find them!

  8. I pack in plastic bags — each day in a different bag. Also, when we roadtrip, I pack everything in laundry baskets, rather than luggage.

  9. I pack 1-2 disposable kitchen trash bags. Dirty clothes go in the bag as soon as they come off. Bag stays in closet. Room stays organized and packing to check-out is a breeze. If you packed accordingly, simply place the bag into your suitcase.

  10. I stay organized by giving each person a drawer, and that’s where everything of there’s has to “live” while we’re there. It helps keep things from wandering. At least a little 😉

  11. My biggest challenge staying organized on a trip is my husband. I have learned to put his outfits together and then roll them, socks and all together. This prevents him from digging through the whole suitcase in order to find his clothes for the day. He just needs to pick one roll and he is set!

  12. I always love extended stay hotels. The kitchens and free breakfasts are great for families! We stay organized by each person keeping their stuff in their suitcase in their spot. As long as people don’t start distributing things all around it helps! And we do a little late night tidying before bed. 🙂

  13. When traveling there are a few things I do to keep organized. First I pack in the order in which I’ll need to access my items. For example I’ll pack my pajamas last as I’ll need them when I first get to the hotel if I don’t want to unpack everything. We fly standby a lot too so I’ll pack one change of clothes in my carry on back if we check a bag. I also have a toiletries bag to keep all my bathroom items together. Those are just a few of the things I do.

  14. I’m all about making a list and planning and organizing ahead of time. It makes extended travel so much easier and less stressful!

  15. I travel a lot and I keep organized by packing smart and simple and color coordinating. I bring less but use it to dress with more variety. I also have a bathroom bag that is packed and left in my suitcase all the time so I’m ready all the time.

  16. Love Marriotts, staying organized is difficult when you are changing hotels often during a trip. So we found simplification and planning ahead help.

  17. I like to make lists of what I need to pack and then pack that list with me so I know that I don’t leave anything behind when it is time to leave.

  18. I use ebags so that my clothes are separated by days and I have everything I need right at my finger tips – I also use ziploc bags to make sure nothing leaks! I love the elfa closet – looks great! truckredford(at)gmail(Dot)com

  19. I have four boys and we often travel long distances by car. I think the best tip is to have a quick grab hotel bag, so that you don’t have to bring all the luggage in. It basically has a change of clothes for each person, toothbrushes and toothpaste and anything else necessary for overnight. That way you’re not dragging in the entire van when it’s dark and everyone is tired and grumpy.

  20. Rolling everything totally conserves space. Packing “play clothes and Dressy stuff” in different sides of my suitcase prevents “digging ” through the whole suitcase for the right stuff.

  21. I don’t travel often but i always keep personal hygiene items in a separate bag and clothes organized by events/days. I bring extra things depending on weather.

  22. I definitely make packing lists of everything I am putting into my luggage as I pack this way I can stay organized when packing back up to go home. I just refer to the list I initially made and make sure everything I brought with me is making the trip home. I also bring a portable hamper with me so I can easily keep track of my dirty clothes.

  23. Great tips about keeping like items together and rolling, not folding. My only tip is that you are allowed to take a purse or back pack when flying, along with your carry on bag, so I took full advantage of that when I flew to CA 5 years ago. I have not flown with my 3 kids yet, idk how you do it.

  24. We stay organized by not taking too many things with us.. the more things the better chance for it to get lost. We always buy what we don’t bring.

  25. I have a travel bag that hangs up to hold all my bathroom things – folds up, has 3 pockets and keeps everything from spilling on my clothes and all together.

  26. I try to coordinate clothing as much as possible so I can bring less clothing but still change out matching pieces and accessories to make it look like an entirely new outfit!

  27. I stay organized by not over-packing. I like to take clothes in neutral colors that I can mix and match to make lots of outfits with just a few pieces.

  28. My biggest help is a hanging bag with pockets to keep makeup items, brush/comb, medicine, sunglasses, etc. That way everything is handy and visible.

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