5 reasons why Grand Teton National Park should be at the top of your list!

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Fall Colors in Teton National Park

Fall Colors in Teton National Park

We had the pleasure of visiting Grand Teton National Park at the beginning of October. We roadtripped with the little girls in the back, and enjoyed some good quality family time before we left the babies for ten days to go to Europe. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the scenery was breath-taking. It was fun to explore and see what this often overlooked National Park had to offer.

Grand Tetons and the moon

Grand Teton Moon

Moose in Grand Tetons

Moose in Snake River

Jenny Lake Grand Teton National Park

Jenny Lake Teton National Park

Moose Crossing Grand Teton National Park

Moose Crossing

Grand Teton National Park in the fall

Grand Teton in the Fall

Jackson Lake at Grand Teton National Park

Jackson Lake

Mormon Row at Grand Teton National Park

An Old Barn at Mormon Row

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  1. Hi there,

    This must have been a lot of fun! My family and I are planning a cross-country road trip, and we almost missed Wyoming since we never knew about this place. I checked out the park’s official website, and I found it funny that the place is also called Moose City. That was a bit weird in the beginning, but from your photos, I now understand why the peculiar name! Quick question – does the park have an all-access season pass kind of thing?


  2. Post

    I’m not sure if each national park has an annual pass, but I know there is a Golden Eagle Pass offered that will give you admission into any national park for a year.

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