Eating Italy Food Tour- A Must When Visiting Rome

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Eating Italy rome tour pizza

Delicious margherita pizza

It’s no secret that 90% of the reason why we love to travel is that we also like to eat. Before we head out to any destination we are looking up restaurants and best food tips before we are looking into major attractions. So when we were planning our trip to Rome we were really excited to well… eat! But we were really overwhelmed. We know what good American Italian food is but the real deal- we didn’t even know where to start.

That’s when we found Eating Italy Food Tours in Rome and thought it was the perfect solution for us. A tour where we could learn how to find the best food in Rome and sample some amazing delights along the way? Right up our alley. What we didn’t know was that it would end up being one of the highlights of our trip.

During the tour you visit seven different places and sample a myriad of different flavors, cuisines and staples to the Roman culture. You will not be hungry at the end! The tour takes place in the historic Testaccio area (which we are told means the heart of Rome). It’s a unique area that is often overlooked by tourists but there is so much to see and learn, we loved that not only do you eat delicious food you also get to tour some of the interesting historical areas as well.

Here are some of the tasties we enjoyed:

Mozzarella di buffala eating italy food tour

mozzarella di buffala – SO GOOD.

cornetti food tour rome

Baked goods from the bakery where we sampled traditional Roman breakfast of cornetti and tiramisu

Italian cheese market

Cheese- Glorious Cheese! We sampled some amazing things at this gourmet store including cheese with black truffles, salami, prosciutto, and proper parmigiano regiono.

Cannoli eating italy food tour Trastevere

Have you heard of cannoli before? Delicious crispy shell with fresh cream inside? Well this is a cannolo which is the same thing as cannoli but the singular version. We learned if a bakery has them already filled to keep walking- a true cannolo is filled right in front of you and then dipped in pistachios.

Tomato at Rome Italy market

of course the heart of Italian cuisine- the tomato. So delicious and ripe…

Rome Italy Gelato Eating Italy Food Tour

No food tour in Rome could be complete without a stop at a proper gelato place. We learned the tricks and tips for telling real gelato from the fake touristy stuff. We are officially gelato snobs.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the food you sample while on the tour. Many times we gobbled up the food before we got a decent picture. That’s what happens when you pair a couple of hungry American tourists with some of the world’s best food I guess.

The best advice we can tell you is to 1) book the tour and 2) do it towards the beginning of your trip. We definitely made the jaunt back for more pizza and a few other goodies too towards the end of our trip.

*Our tour with Eating Italy Food Tours was hosted by the company but it in no way affected our opinions.


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