Eating Around Jamaica: A Guide to Jamaican Food

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One of the most important things about traveling is learning about the culture and lives of the locals. My favorite part of immersing myself in a new place is trying the local food. In Jamaica I immediately fell in love with the traditional food I tried.


Lets start with my favorite, Scotchies. It was said to my travel group that similarly to many people that hope to go to heaven when they die, pigs and chickens hope to go to Scotchies when it’s their time. Scotchies serves up traditional Jamaican jerk. Its even cooked out back in the traditional ways, which they were nice enough to show us the process. The fish, chicken and pork were all great and were served up with traditional sides of beans and rice, breadfruit and festival. Scotchies also was the place I was introduced to my Jamaican soda addiction of Ting, a wonderful grapefruit soda.


Scotchies Jerk Fish Montego Bay Jamaica

Jerk Fish at Scotchie’s, Montego Bay, Jamaica


How Jerk Is Made, Scotchie’s, Montego Bay, Jamaica


Ting in Jamaica

Grab Some Ting



My next favorite was a fast food option, which is usually something I try to stay away from on vacation. In this case I was pleasantly surprised. One thing I learned on our visit to Pattie’s was that McDonalds failed in Jamaica, so automatically I had respect for their taste in fast food. Pattie’s serves up Jamaican patties  in a handful of flavors 6 days a week and the place is constantly buzzing. A patty has a flaky pastry crust and is filled with meat, veggies or cheese. They are like a cross between a pot pie and a hot pocket, but they are WAY better. I’m still having cravings for Pattie’s and looking at these pictures is making my cravings unbearable.


Juici Patties in Lucea Jamaica

Jamaican Patties at Juici Patties Lucea, Jamaica


Push Cart

Named after traditional street food push carts, this restaurant is located along the sharp cliffs of Negril. It is a perfect setting and we were able to enjoy a Negril sunset as we ate our meal. For our group, dinner was family style and we were served tray after tray of tasty eats until we could eat no more. On the menu here were chicken skewers, seafood fritaz, jerk chicken, bammy, and bush man stew. Top it all off with some warm sweet potato pudding and you’re set.


Push Cart Restaurant in Negril

Appetiziers at the Push Cart Negril, Jamaica


Of course if you’re not as adventurous with your eating habits on vacation there are plenty of places that serve American food too!


Margaritaville  Negril Nachos

Nachos at Margaritaville, Negril, Jamaica

*I was a guest of the Jamaican Tourist Board and all meals and accomodations were provided, but my opinions are my own (and I don’t mess around when it comes to food).

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