Why You Should Always Bring Your Camera on Road Trips

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Last week I spent about 16 hours driving through Eastern Tennessee, Kentucky and Southern Virginia for various photo shoots I was hired for. I love my camera, I love shooting pictures, but many times when I’m driving¬†I don’t carry my camera. It is an extra bag to haul in and out of the vehicle.

Because I happened to be on the road for photography jobs, I of course had my camera. I left home with a goal to take some pictures on the road wondering what things of interest I might see. Here are just a few of the things I saw and took pictures of. I’m glad I had my camera.

Semi truck on fire

A semi truck burns on Interstate 81 in southern Virginia.


Fall foliage

Fall colors I captured in a parking lot as I stopped for a snack.

National D-Day Memorial

The National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA. Just off of the freeway and a great stop.

Norris Lake

Early morning fog rises off of Norris Lake yards off of hwy 71 in east TN.

Norris Lake in the fog

Another shot of Norris Lake off of hwy 71 in east TN.

Semi Truck on fire

Another shot as emergency crews arrive.


You just never know what you will see while you are on the road- so don’t leave your camera at home!

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