Why Essential Oils?

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You have to love the generic essential oil pictures! Thanks FDA!

You have to love the generic essential oil pictures! Thanks FDA!

I get asked this all the time. In fact I get asked this question so often I just start my classes with it. And because I get emails about it all the time, now I can direct them to this link instead of type it out everytime!

So here we go. I got started using essential oils over a year ago. I had always been very interested in the idea of them and always wanted to try them but didn’t know anyone who used them. If I overheard a conversation about them my ears perked up and I would strain to listen in. Because I didn’t know anyone who used them I had no connection so it was lost. Then one day an acquaintance sent me a message through Facebook asking if I was open to learning about them. Of course I was and soon I found myself with my very own prized collection of essential oils and natural health products. I started using them on my family and was so amazed and pleased at the results I saw. I remember once being in a hotel where all of us had coughs and felt so blessed that I had brought my diffuser and respiratory blend with us on our trip (now I never leave home without them!). I was empowered to use these beautiful gifts that were natural and safe for my family.

Because I loved the oils so much and I saw the great value they were for my family at pennies per drop, I started ordering monthly and began replacing products in my home with new healthier alternatives. I also started collecting and teaching others about essential oils because I felt like this was too good of a secret to not share with other moms and friends (#momcode). What has truly blessed me is being able to see the difference it is making in other people’s lives. I love all the texts, emails, Facebook messages I get from people about how much such and such oil helped their daughter, or issues others have been dealing with their whole life are amazingly resolved.

There are a few things I would like you to know from the bottom of my heart if you are thinking about getting started with essential oils. This is so important and things that I have learned along the way that I would like to share with you.

  1. All oils are not created equal. This is so important. The oils you buy from the grocery store or amazon.com are not the same oils you buy from other companies. Many oils contain fillers, synthetics, and claim to be organic. You have to know that essential oils are not regulated by the FDA just like vitamins and supplements. Because of this I beg you to purchase oils from a trusted company that you have access to people to talk to when using them. Also check the bottle because a lot of times oils from grocery stores are not meant to be used topically (most certainly not internally) usually only aromatically.
  2. One drop is all it takes. I’m serious friends! Don’t get caught up in the price of those precious oils because one drop is enough to service every cell in your body!!! So when you figure the amount of drops in one bottle of oils it’s pennies per application. And you have it in your house. You are empowered to take control of your health in a natural and beautiful way.
  3. There is a bit of a learning curve. Such is the way with all things in life though! This is why you want an essential oil buddy/mentor. You need someone you can talk to or text when you have questions, get new ideas and get some assurances. You may even need a little bit of hand holding at first and that is totally ok. What’s even better is when you get access to an amazing online community where you can post questions and get instant support. Plus it’s fun to get excited together about new oils coming in and promos etc.

I am passionate about helping and serving others. I am passionate about helping others dreams come true. That is why I love teaching about essential oils and mentoring others who want to teach others about them as well. There is so much love and happiness to be passed around!

Contact me if you want to talk about oils or join one of my weekly online classes about getting started! You can also find me on instagram and Facebook where I chat oils and give tips. I’m a real live person who loves others and seeks opportunities to serve. I also would love to chat what brand I use and why I think (know) they are the best!

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  1. Thank you for inspiring post! I get the box of oil like a present so want to know how to use it in a right way. Will use your advices.

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