Cheapest Time Of Year To Book A Cruise: Wave Season

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I often get asked when is the best time to book a cruise by readers for cheap cruises. The answer varies by the person and their needs but unless you are traveling with a group or have a specific itinerary or date, I always suggest waiting for wave season or booking right when they release an itinerary. Wave Season is a magical time between January and March (hmmm usually when people are receiving tax returns) where cruise lines and travel agents can offer the very best in promotions and prices. Seriously, it’s the time when you can get the best deals particulary on sailings in the next year. We are talking free perks such as onboard credit and upgrades! It’s unlikely you will find a better deal on price any other time of year.

It’s also a time where many people are looking to buy cruises because of the dreary winter weather and the need to get some sun! It’s the most popular time of year to purchase a cruise vacation. I can’t think of a more fabulous way to spend my tax return. The best way to get a good deal is talk to a travel agent specialiizing in cruises or sign up for your favorite cruiseline’s email alerts. Have a cruise coming up? Tell us about it! We are going on a mediterannean cruise in October!

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  1. I would only add that you can sometimes find really cheap cruises on the sites of large travel providers, like Expedia, Orbitz or even Travelgrove. I browse them sometimes and always find a nice 4 nights Bahama or Caribbean cruise for under $200 and similar deals. You can find really cheap ones going to Alaska, Canada or even Europe.
    Have fun on your Mediterranean cruise. 🙂 How long will it be?

  2. Thanks for the handy tip. I have not heard of Wave Season but will certainly check it out next time it rolls around. Good value is something you really need to make it a family friendly activities. I’ve spent a fair bit of time researching what each cruise line offers kids and how family friendly they really despite their claims and it seems there are not a whole lot of options that really encourage kids along by giving good discounts and a fair pricing schedule. Mostly they seem to upscale their facilities and charge as close to adult prices as possible.

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