Vacation Rental Meal Ideas- Beach Edition

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Girls enjoying ice cream after a fun day on the beach

Call me a nerd but I love meal planning. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I just love food so much. Because of this, I was more than excited to plan a couple of meal ideas for our beach vacation rental house we booked with FlipKey. There are a few challenges you have to overcome when planning a quality menu for a vacation rental. You have to understand that you may not have every kitchen tool available to you as you do at home. You also need to plan meals that don’t take a hundred ingredients so you don’t waste your money on items you won’t use up. And lastly you are on vacation so you don’t necessarily want to spend time in the kitchen preparing food all day, you want to be out and about or enjoying time together as family.

We travel with our small children so I love the idea that it saves money and hassle to have a full kitchen to prepare foods for my family. I also love that it allows us to maintain healthier meals as well.

Here is our menu we planned from our recent trip to St. Petersburg/Clearwater Florida in which we stayed in an amazing vacation rental we found and booked on FlipKey: Sunday night: Dinner: Make your own nachos. Tortilla chips, cheese, pre-made guacamole, refried beans, tomatoes and olives


Breakfast: Cereal and fruit milk, cereal, fruit

Lunch: Sub sandwiches,  cookies, and watermelon, water bottles (packed lunch for the beach) hoagies, lunchmeat, mustard and mayo (we got packets from the deli), cheese from nachos, cookies and cut up watermelon from the produce section

Dinner: Brats, potato salad, mangos and bananas,  and chips hotdog buns, brats, pre-made potato salad from deli, mango and bananas, two bags of chips


Breakfast: cereal and fruit leftover from monday

Lunch: microwaveable mac and cheese from trader joes and leftover watermelon

Dinner: BBQ chicken sandwiches, leftover potato salad and fruit and chips (using stuff up before we left) hamburger buns, chicken breasts and BBQ sauce or just pre made  shredded bbq chicken dessert: cookie dough ice-cream


Breakfast: finished up cereal and milk (and a protein drink for me) packed lunch for airplane: uncrustable peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish, granola bars and an apple

We spent probably around $100 for our food for our three day trip for the five of us and didn’t eat out once. Of course even though you stay in a vacation rental does not mean you don’t have to enjoy a night out at the restaurant. At the end of the day with three tired small children we didn’t feel up to toting them out to eat all sandy and crazy. We really enjoyed tucking them in to bed in their own bunk beds and enjoying a quiet supper to ourselves and watching a movie.


**** FlipKey sponsored us the opportunity to try out a vacation rental. Our opinions are our own.

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