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Things I have Learned About My Kids Through Traveling

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Little girls waiting to board a red-eye flight to NYC

Little girls waiting to board a red-eye flight to NYC

This year we have only a few trips planned as we prepare for the birth of our third child and many more life altering events happening. So, as I have enjoyed this little respite from packing, planning, cramped diaper changes in airport lavs, and jet lag, I have also been reflecting on the travel we did last year as a family.

We were a little over ambitious on our 12 in 2012 challenges and we almost made it through as we completed 10 of 12. I fell victim to morning sickness and fatigue and the very thought of traveling the last two months of our challenges made me sick to my stomach. But the memories we made are priceless. These are memories we will talk about even when our children are grown and gone. Remember when Sadie licked the pole on the subway in NYC? Or how Annie ate her weight in sand in Oahu?

The best part of it all is that my now 3.5 year old still remembers and talks about most if not all these trips. Who knew she would even remember them? I love how traveling grew us closer together as a family and created some lasting memories. But the best part are the things that I learned about my children along the way including:

They both love adventure and love new environments. Who wants to sit at home all day? My girls have itchy feet just like the rest of us and perk up when an airplane trip is mentioned.

They both are extremely adaptable. A different hotel room every night just means a new bed for them to jump on, hallways to explore, pools to swim in and bathrooms to destroy.

It doesn’t matter where in the world we are, or where we go the same things that amaze them at home, amaze them in a new and spectacular place. I.e. birds at disneyland,  the moon at Times Square, ice cream in Hawaii, and cartoons in Canada.

Watching these girls light up at new experiences and sharing it with them has made travel even more rewarding for me. Even the hiccups and headaches and breakdowns from both sides are seemingly unimportant when you see the excitement and spark in those little innocent eyes.



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