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As you likely know by now I am passionate about teaching my kids about the world, usually from hands on travel experiences. It’s a gift that Reid and I are giving our children, really. A gift of understanding, acceptance and love. Even at a young age I want them to appreciate the beauty of different places and different cultures.

We also homeschool so this love and passion ties in perfectly to our education goals for our children. When Little Passports approached me about doing a review of the product, it seemed like a natural fit so we jumped on board.

The basis behind Little Passports is that it’s a subscription service that when started your children receive the starter kit that contains a suitcase, a passport, a letter from Sam and Sofia , and an activity book. Your children become pen pals with Sam and Sofia and they guide them along their adventures and each month they receive a packet with souvenirs, information about the country or state (depending on which package you select). It’s informational and fun and the kids look forward to getting the packages every month, locating their destination on a map (also included in the starter package) and doing the activities.

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It’s geography, social studies, cultural studies, and a little bit of history all thrown into one. It’s a great way to travel as a family without leaving the classroom! I also love that Little Passports now has downloadable teacher’s guides to help make it even more educational.

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Homeschooling is a journey. It’s different from traditional school in so many ways and the one thing I love about it is that you tailor it to your family, you tailor it to your children and their dreams and interests. When you find something that is just a complete natural fit it just fills your heart with happiness. Someday I dream of taking my children to all of these places that we are learning about but for now I am grateful my kids can get hands on learning and fun with Little Passports!

If you are interested in getting started with Little Passports click here

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