So I find it sort of funny…

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It's dead.

It’s dead.

As I was looking through all of our pictures and gathering images for a project (to be announced soon- SUPER EXCITED!) I noticed that during our awesome trip to Europe last year Reid and I did not take one picture together (not even one!!!!) AND he took a total of two pictures of me. But don’t worry friends- he did manage to take no less than five pictures of this dead bird he found in a crevice in Italy. Five.

So I guess a dead bird makes a better subject to photograph than your own wife.

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  1. No kidding! I swear I talk ‘selfies’… or ‘family selfies’ we now call ‘phalfies’ just so I can be in a few photos! The dead bird IS weird though. I would have photographed it too. 🙂

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