Remembering Pearl Harbor

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The US flag still flies over the USS Arizona

December 7th is a solemn day in US history. On this day in 1941, over 2400 American soldiers and civilians died in and around the waters of Pearl Harbor. Today the USS Arizona Memorial stands as a tribute to those that gave their lives that day.

I have two grandfathers that were in the service and when I married Hilarye, I inherited two more WWII veterans. I’ve always been fascinated at the courage they had to serve in the military and I always feel a debt of gratitude to them for their service. A few months ago while in Hawaii, I was finally able to visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial which has always been a goal of mine. The park and museum are filled with exhibits and history that did a great job at outlining the events leading up to the attack, the attack itself and its aftermath. After a video and a short boat ride you’ll be able to visit the USS Arizona Memorial which sits over the USS Arizona sunken battleship that still entombs 1,102 sailors. The memorial itself is beautiful and what it represents is even more wonderful. The USS Arizona memorial is a somber and reverent place, a place that should not be forgotten and a place that should be visited by all.

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Plaque

A plaque in remembrance of lives lost

USS Arizona Memorial entrance

Entering the Memorial

Navy Ships at USS Arizona Memorial

Navy ships line the harbor

Rainbow over Aloha Stadium

Rainbow over Aloha Stadium across the Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit

Pearl Harbor memorial

From the memorial Hilarye and the girls look out over Pearl Harbor.



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