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Alaska, one of our favorite places we have ever been

Alaska, one of our favorite places we have ever been

I get readers emails and Facebook messages and Tweets a lot asking various questions including trip advice or family travel advice and occasionally we get the off kilter personal questions. Some of which I think Really? Would you ever ask that to someone in person who you don’t even know? For example I would never come up to some random person on the street and ask them how much money they make a year. That feels strange. But I can understand how someone would ask that because they see our lifestyle and wonder if it’s possible for them to do the same. So I’ve gathered all these questions and compiled them into this blog. But sorry the how much we make a year question is left between us and the IRS.

 Of all the places you have been to which are your favorite? 

Reid will say he has never been anywhere he hasn’t liked. But we both agree that Japan and Alaska are our top favorites. We loved the culture and uniqueness of Japan and Alaska is just plain beautiful. Reid would also give a high honorable mention to Peru.

What is your dream destination?

Well… that’s tricky. It changes on a weekly basis. Hilarye has been dreaming of a baltic cruise or just spending a few weeks in Norway lately and Reid would love to go anywhere in South America at any given moment.

What do you do with your kids when you leave them at home?

Usually Grandma comes and watches them. We really don’t leave them that often. Sometimes Reid will travel without Hilarye and she will watch the kids and vice versa. We try to bring them as much as possible, because you know we kinda like them.

How long have you guys been married? You look so young.

That seems random but thanks for the compliment? We will be married nine years as of July 1 2014.

What’s your biggest pet peeve while traveling?

Reid would probably say dealing with kids and their naps. Hilarye would say nursing on an airplane. It’s just uncomfortable all around.

How come you don’t travel in the summer?

It’s true. We are quite vocal about the fact that we don’t usually travel much in the summer. We consider it our off-season for travel. Why? Well it’s quite simple. Summer is everyone else’s on-season for travel. We don’t like crowds, it’s hot, and it’s usually more expensive. We typically travel from January to beginning of March, then take a break for spring break, mid april to beginning of June, end of August to mid-December avoiding holidays.

Do you Homeschool?

None of our children are old enough to be enrolled in traditional school. We still have a year before we need to figure that out. We have been exploring the possibility of homeschooling to provide us the flexibility to travel and live abroad for extended periods of time but have not committed to anything yet. We know lots of travel bloggers who road-school and unschool and it has always piqued our interest. That is why you may see articles on homeschooling and alternative learning academies on this site.

 What made you decide to start a travel blog?

We started this travel blog seven years ago because Reid worked a corporate job at an airlines and we were traveling and having fun and decided to share our experiences with the world. This was before we had any children and before travel blogging was even a thing. It’s crazy to think how much we have grown as individuals as well as the industry has grown during our short stint at blogging.


Thanks for reading! Feel free to add any more questions in the comments section and we will answer away!

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