Racing For A Cure- In Which I Get A Little Personal…

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I met Reid six years ago at college. Summer love really is what it was- although it quickly blossomed into more. Then he left. He left me dazed and confused stuck in a world of college textbooks, crazy roommates, and sad feelings. But, we soon discovered why he was meant to leave me alone for a few semesters. He left me to be with her. And although he worked crazy long hours and saw very little of her, I know in some way it helped.  He couldn’t take away the pain and sickness associated with the treatments, or unsurety of it all, but he could just be there. I was glad to sacrifice because it was scary and even though I had just met all of them- I quickly loved them as my own.

Reid’s little sister Chelsie was diagnosed with cancer her freshman year of College. It turned everybody’s little world upside down. Even mine and I had barely met her. But now it’s been five years since she has kicked the nasty tumors behind and now we can rejoice and officially say she is cancer-free (it’s the way to be).  To celebrate Reid and his four sisters are running a marathon and raising $25,000 for cancer research. But of course in true DTM (Dotting The Map) fashion they are running it in Dublin, Ireland as part of Team in Training with the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society.

However, it’s not all daisies and lollipops- they need our help. They need help raising the money. So visit their blog (daily) and if you feel so inclined to donate, awesome. But if you can’t- could you pass the word along? Everybody knows someone with cancer, or someone who has lost someone to cancer, so join the fight, because they know it’s going to be tough running a marathon but they know it’s even tougher battling cancer.

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  2. Dublin is way sweet! If they need any vacationing tips while there, send them my way. That will be my donation.

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