Photo Highlights of Vancouver, British Columbia

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Old dock in North Vancouver

Vancouver is British Columbia’s largest city. It is a city that has a diverse and wide range of landscapes. On one side you have the beautiful ocean and the other side you have mountains and trees. All in between is a vast and cultured city. If you can’t decide if you want a beach vacation, or to head to the mountains, or you want an urban background Vancouver is the perfect place for you since you get all three!

Science World

We took the aquabus from Granville Island to Olympic Park and enjoyed the city views including the Science World museum.

Public Market at Granville Island

The public market was one of our favorite places in Vancouver. Delicious food and produce, lots of  enticing sounds and smells.

Seagull at Granville Island

While enjoying the cherries and cookies we bought at the public market, we enjoyed the scenery even more.

Out of commission harbor cranes North Vancouver

We had the opportunity to stay in North Vancouver our first night. It’s beautiful and industrial. Reid enjoyed taking some pictures there.

Pier in North Vancouver

Horseshoe Bay inlet

We also had the opportunity to rent a boat thanks to Sewell’s Marina at Horseshoe Bay and explore the inlet and islands. It was a highlight of the trip for all of us!

Island in Horseshoe Bay

What a beautiful and diverse destination to explore. It really is beautiful and bustling.

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  1. Great photos. The area that is now Science World was the home of the 1986 World Fair. I visited that fair with my family and your photo brought back a flood of memories. I’d love to return!

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