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downtown Vancouver BC sunset

Sunset over downtown Vancouver as seen from North Vancouver

On our recent trip to Vancouver, our plane got in in the afternoon and our plans were to leave on a bus tour early the next morning for Whistler. So when we were looking into hotels and areas to stay we opted to skip Downtown and stay in North Vancouver instead so we would avoid the hustle and bustle and be that much closer to the destination.

I didn’t know that much about North Vancouver prior to booking. I knew that we would get off on the train at the waterfront station and transfer to a passenger ferry called the SeaBus. Once we set foot off the ferry I was instantly grateful we had opted to stay in North Vancouver. Such a stark difference than it’s downtown counterpart yet still stunning in it’s own right. It’s just across the bay but it’s a lot more quiet and a lot more industrial, which tends to be right up our alley. There is a lot of fun shops, restaurants and a public market right when you exit the ferry and a short walk later we reached Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier where we would be staying.

The second we stepped into the lobby I knew I was going to like the place. Modern and chic but friendly and welcoming. I love staying at boutique hotels because they all have their own personality.

Pinnacle at the pier lobby

Lobby at Pinnacle at the Pier

Then we stepped into our room and the first thing that caught our eye was this cozy bed and I was dying to jump in and lay down after an international flight with a 2 year old and a baby. But Reid has to take pictures first so all I could do was stand in the corner and eye it wishfully.

pinnacle at the pier hotel bed

Comfy bed

I love that the kids weren’t forgotten. Along with a clean and made up (this doesn’t always happen) pack and play there were extra towels and a few extra amenities for the babies. These always come in handy when traveling.

hotel towel and shampoo pack at pinnacle at the pier

Towels and shampoo for the babies

Loved the harbor view and view of downtown Vancouver from balcony. So beautiful and an added bonus that added to the beauty and serenity of the room.

hotel room view at pinnacle at the pier Vancouver

View of Downtown Vancouver

We found a door in our room and were confused until we opened it and discovered a private terrace. This was more than amazing. It was also perfect to tuck the kids into bed after dinner, munch on some treats, put my feet up and watch the sunset over Vancouver.  It really didn’t get much better than that.

terrace view at pinnacle at the pier

ToddlerTravels climbing on the terrace

Some other great amenities worth mentioning are the lap pool, the work-out room, zumba classes, and patio. If I was a business traveler it would be a great retreat after a conference or a long day of meetings. If I was a vacationer traveling with my family (which I was) it would be the perfect place to let of some stress from a long day of hauling children.

We also were given the opportunity to review the hotel restaurant The Lobby. I tend to have mixed emotions on hotel restaurants. I’ve tried out a lot and often they seem to be very overpriced and mediocre quality. So I usually go in with medium expectations and hope to be impressed. I have to say that not only was I impressed but by the end of the meal I was raving about service and quality.

We started off with the Alberta Beef Carpaccio for our appetizer. The bread they brought out to accompany this was fantastic. It melted in our mouths. I think if it would have been socially appropriate we would have licked the plate clean. It was light, fresh and a great way to start our meal.

Beef carpaccio at pinnacle at the pier hotel restaurant

Alberta Beef Carpaccio

Reid ordered the grilled fillet Oscar. It is 6 ounces of beef tenderloin topped with dungeness crab, béarnaise sauce with a side of whipped roasted garlic potatoes. We actually had to play rock, paper, scissors because we both wanted to order this dish but that is against the rules when you are reviewing a restaurant. So Reid won on the terms I got to taste. It was very tender, creamy and delicate. I thought it was a pretty good blend of seafood and beef without either taste over-powering the other.

grilled filet oscar at pinnacle at the pier hotel restaurant

grilled filet Oscar

I’m actually glad I lost the war because I ordered the special and it was amazing. Beef tenderloin with roasted tomatoes, potatoes, cooked spinach with onions on top. It was a myriad of flavors that all the supported the main star of the rich and tender beef tenderloin. I hardly came up for air to try Reid’s because mine was just that good.

Beef Tenderloin at the Lobby Restaurant Pinnacle at the pier

beef tenderloin

All in all I was impressed by the Pinnacle at The Pier. It was a great, quiet and relaxing start to our trip. After a hectic day of airports, customs, trains and ferries it was much needed. I think it’s a great way to add some spice to your trip by staying on the other side of Vancouver, plus you are that much closer to a lot of attractions outside of the city.

* We were hosted and provided accommodations by Pinnacle at the Pier Hotel and The Lobby Restaurant but it in no way affected our opinion as we strive to be open and honest in our reviews.

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  1. Wow this hotel looks gorgeous. I’ve never thought to stay on the northside before. Thanks for the tip!

  2. This is an up and coming area right???? I haven’t heard that much about it. THank you for the review.

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