How to change a diaper on an airplane

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It’s inevitable. Eventually you will need to change your little one’s diaper on an airplane. My advice? Avoid it like the plague. And for short flights from 1-2 hours this is definitely possible but any longer and forget it. People will start begging you to change your baby’s diaper.  But have no fear, it is possible to do and not get flustered.

You have a few options. Your first option is using the lavatory onboard. Most planes have lavatories with changing tables. Are you surprised? I surely was. Before I had a baby I never noticed the darn thing since it’s conveniently hidden. It is usually positioned directly above the toilet with a latch that you use to pull it down. But honestly it’s so hard to fit your dang self in there let alone a toddler on a cramped and tiny changing table. So my main advice is to leave the diaper bag and bring only the necessities.  If you have a bigger baby it would help to double team it and have someone outside the door handing you things as needed.

Trapped in your seat or on a plane with no changing table in the lavs? Hopefully you have an empty seat next to you or a signifant other around. You can sit sideways and put your knees together for a makeshift table or if your baby is teeny enough use your own lap. Please avoid the temptation to use the tray table. People eat off of there. That’s just a courtesy. Also if your baby is really poopy always take it to the lav. Just imagine being on a crowded plane and someone changes a really stinky diaper sitting next to you. It really would ruin everyone’s day. Unless you have no other options. It’s all about changing the stigma around traveling with babies and kids.

What tips and tricks have you learned about how to make changing your cutie’s diaper on a plane painless and easy?

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