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FlyMei Essential Oil Diffuser Review

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It’s pretty much no secret at this post I LOVE essential oils. I use and diffuse them in every room in my house. One of the ¬†most often asked questions at my classes I teach are about where to buy diffusers. This is a little tricky of a question! I always recommend you buy the diffuser with a starter kit from the company I represent when I teach my classes (contact me here for more info on the essential oils I trust!) because I love the diffusers and they are powerhouse and workhorses plus they come with a warranty and I know they are great quality. But if you are like me- you want a diffuser in EVERY room in your house. It’s just way too convienent.

So I have been looking for a great diffuser that is on the cheaper side that works well and is fun for my kids rooms. After a lot of trial and error I have finally settled on the FlyMei Ultrasonic 100 ML essential oil diffuser buy it here:

There are some things I love about this diffuser and a few more things I wish it offered. But really for the price it works really well and my girl’s absolutely adore them and love having it in their rooms.

So what do I love about it? Well first off I love that it doesn’t take up a lot of room. It’s fairly small so it fits nicely on the corner of their dresser. I also really like that the mist is not continuous. This is really important because it actually does not hold a lot of volume of liquid but because the mist is not continually running it lasts all night. I really like that the light fades into different colors which provides an entertaining night light. You can also choose to have it stay on just one color if your child or you really wants a nice blue to sleep to.

What I don’t like about it? That there is no timer setting. If you don’t want it to run all night you need to turn it off manually. It is kindof a bummer and I was pretty sad about that at first but then I got over it because I either turn my kid’s diffusers off before I go to bed or if I forget it is totally fine and stops misting when it runs out of juice and does not feel warm to the touch in the morning or anything.

So overall I highly recommend this diffuser. It works really well, it’s low cost (at the time of posting it’s only $19.99 on Amazon) and it’s fun! It works really well in small coverage areas. Not sure it’s one you want for the living room but a small children’s room it is perfect.

Here is a video I created to showcase the diffuser and how it works. I hope this review helps and if it’s a product you are interested in and this review has helped please consider using my affiliate link! Also if you are interested in getting started with or learning about essential oils and the company I use and trust please feel email me theoilrockstar at gmail dot com or use my contact form and we can chat!

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