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Magnolia Bakery Cupcake

Magnolia Bakery cupcake

These are my favorite stories to experience but the hardest to write about. Especially coming back from New York City and thinking about all the amazing food we ate. We didn’t do much- but we did eat. It’s a really good thing I don’t live there- let’s just put it that way. Besides the pizza, my favorite thing we ate (twice!) and we failed to get pictures of because we scarfed it down so fast was the middle eastern Halal food we got from a food truck near our hotel. So good.

Here is a roundup of some our favorites we tasted in New York.

Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn

Grimaldi’s Pizza


Grimaldis Brooklyn Pizza

Another drool-worthy photo from Grimaldi’s

This was by far the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life. Period. I am literally crying inside viewing these pictures because I know it will be a really long time before I get to devour another one of these pies. I do mean devour. I think the company we were with (Hi Holly and Robert!) probably thought we were ravenous wolverines. Grimaldi’s is located in Brooklyn’s beautiful DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) area. Perfect place to get a bite to eat after walking the Brooklyn Bridge. But beware there will be a line and order as quick as you can once inside because there will be a wait. Perfection takes time.

Olde Brooklyn Root Beer Soda at Grimaldis

Delicious Olde Brooklyn root beer from Grimaldi’s


Shake shack burger and fries New York City

Shake Shack burgers and cheese fries

After hearing my east coast friends rave about the Shake Shack for a couple years now, I knew I had to check it out when we were in New York. The burgers were pretty good and I did enjoy the cheese fries. But of course my favorite was the rocky road concrete. Pretty sure that may have been ToddlerTravels favorite too (although she gobbled more than her fair share of the cheese fries.) It was perfect meal after Museum of Natural History and a jaunt through Central Park West.

Neon burger sign at Shake Shack

Neon sign at Shake Shack


Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes New York City

Magnolia Bakery cupcakes

By now I’m sure you are well aware of my ridiculous sweet tooth. It’s a problem really ( re: putting my dentist’s children through college). So when Reid heard that Magnolia Bakery was a can’t miss it wasn’t hard to talk either of us into it. I’m not going to lie- I don’t really get this whole cupcake craze going on. They usually have way too much frosting for my liking and I’d rather have an old fashioned slice. I know a little bit of a shocker. But my world all changed once I had a Magnolia’s red velvet cupcake. Incredibly delicious. Reid who is also not a cupcake person also enjoyed his. And ToddlerTravels? Well she is easy to please. Any sugary treat will do the trick for her.

We went to the Magnolia Bakery near Rockefeller Center. It would have been perfect after our Top of the Rock experience but well we didn’t do anything on this trip but eat.

We also ate at the Stage Deli which was also near Rockefeller Center (it was a little walk). It was pretty good. Typical New York City deli fare. If the kids had behaved a little more we may have been able to get pictures. Just picture big delicious pastrami sandwiches and huge honking cheesecakes. We liked the Stage Deli and would probably recommend it vs. the over hyped Carnegie Deli.

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