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Could Homeschooling be for you?

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  I’ve only been doing this parent thing for 6 years. Wow, it feels like a lot longer than that. But one of the worst parts of everyday parenting I have come across to date is having to make life altering decisions that affect your children. It is terrifying!!! I constantly wonder- am I ruining them for life? Every thing …

American Girl Wellie Wishers Review

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  My oldest is obsessed with all things American Girl. I am serious, straight up obsessed. She spends hours and hours pouring over the American Girl magazines, reading the books and when she gets a chance watching American Girl YouTube videos. She would have her own doll, but I really wanted to wait until she was older (she’s 6 years …

Teaching Children About The World | Little Passports Homeschooling Review

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As you likely know by now I am passionate about teaching my kids about the world, usually from hands on travel experiences. It’s a gift that Reid and I are giving our children, really. A gift of understanding, acceptance and love. Even at a young age I want them to appreciate the beauty of different places and different cultures. We …

WebSafety | New Technology to Help Filter and Protect Children’s Smart Phone Usage

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I for one love technology. I love being able to be up on the new and latest and ride the wave of progression and have personally seen how technology can bless lives. But on the flip side I have also seen how if used improperly it can destroy lives and innocence. Knowing this and the fact that almost every child …

water play children's museum

Playschooling and a trip to the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga

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  We’ve all heard the terms homeschooling, road schooling and unschooling but in light of the recent NPR article that talks about how play is important essential to brain development and the fact that many schools are cutting recess down even further I’m coining the new term play schooling and am making sure my children get as much hands off …