5 things I Wish I Had Done Before My Cruise

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1) Worked out: I seriously gained eight pounds from my cruise, and it was only a three day cruise! But in all fairness I think some of those pounds were holiday pounds so it would have been nice to have lost those before I went so I would have looked my best

2) Gone tanning: I was whiter than snow on my cruise so instead of tanning, I was focused on not burning and getting my foundation tan. It would have been nice to have the base tan out of the way and been able to come back to show off a sweet dark complexion in January in Utah

3) Bought a cute sundress to wear on the ports: I forgot to do that and so I was stuck wearing capri pants and shirts while other women looked so comfortable in their flowing dresses

4) Bought sunscreen: I bought it on the cruise ship and it cost three times as much had I bought it at a grocery store

5) Remembered my sunglasses: It hurt to squint the whole time and I never found any cute enough to buy

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  1. Any other tips besides those? We have the sundresses, I have to have sunscreen continuously cause I am a fair skinned red head.
    WE are flying in to Fort Lauderdale (other post I incorrectly said Miami forgot we changed it). Paid for all the transfers etc.. WE fly in at 7p and then our boat leaves the following evening at 5pm. Curious how early you can board boat and what that whole process is like. WE are virgin cruisers. =)

    Any tips about passports?

    What was food like? WHich dining areas were covered in your cruise pkg? Which shore excursions do you recommend?

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