5 Reasons Why Jordan is at the Top of My Bucket List

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I’ve been pretty obsessed with Jordan for a while now and after reading about Bestway Tours I’m even more excited. They offer three tours that all look great, a culinary tour, an adventure tour where you actually bike through Jordan, and a film site tour that features visits to some famous areas of Jordan which have been the backdrop of many films. It is on my bucket list for sure, a bucket list item I’m hoping to cross off soon.



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Ever since I saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as a kid I’ve been fascinated with Petra. As a boy I didn’t even realize that the landmark was real. I just thought like other movies that the famous treasury was part of an elaborate movie set built on some soundstage in Hollywood. Although the movie takes many creative liberties inside the treasury, the outside of the treasury is real. In fact, it is one of many famous landmarks of Jordan. Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea are just a few of the must see landmarks. The country is riddled with ancient amphitheaters, mosques, religious landmarks and ruins that can fill a vacation. Perhaps one visit won’t be enough.


Photo courtesy of WikiMedia.

Photo courtesy of WikiMedia.

Jordan is home to a huge amount of history. It is home to many historical landmarks, some of which I’ve already mentioned above. Jordan has been under many different rules in it’s history, Ottoman, Roman, Muslim and it offers sights to see from each different rule and era. Citadels, churches, mosques, castles, forts and the list goes on. The unique history that accompanies the landmarks of Jordan is one to be envied.



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Food is always near the top of my list of things to experience in a new place. I love to eat and when I’m in a new place I insist on eating as much as I can like a local. Jordan has a ton of traditional dishes, most of which I’ve never had anything like. I can’t wait to taste Mansaf, the national dish along with fresh hummus, Freekeh, and Manakish. Many meals in Jordan are eaten in Mezze style, more of a community meal which means it’ll probably feel a lot like eating at home with my three little travelers, sharing and passing food to one another.



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What is a visit to any new place without some fun and recreation along the way? Jordan has a ton to offer in that sphere as well. The Dead Sea offers diving and floating, the desert is filled with hiking, ATV adventures and hot air balloon rides. Even the city is packed with markets and shopping that is some of the best in the world. If the adventure is too much for you, there is always the option of soaking in a Jordanian bath or visiting the spa and taking in the warm weather.

Photos of It All

As many of you know, my camera comes with me on every vacation I take and I love capturing the beauty of every new place I come across. I’ve seen way too many beautiful pictures of Jordan not to have a few of my own. I’m ready to take some photos!

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  1. A good of friend once told me that Jordan’s beauty is beyond comparison and she’s right. Looking at pictures, I can say that Jordan is indeed beautiful and must be at the top of anyone’s bucketlist, including mine 🙂

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