Deseret News Third Travel Challenge

For those of you who are following our 12 travel challenges in 2012 column for the Deseret News, just wanted to let you know our third challenge is published. Our third challenge was to complete a red-eye flight. We completed it last month on our way to New York City.

HilaryeDeseret News Third Travel Challenge

12 Travel Challenges For 2012

This year is going to be crazy, stressful and fun. We have partnered with the Deseret News to do a column on traveling with two kids two and under. We have taken on 12 challenges that we must complete (without breaking the bank mind you). We are excited to be able to update this blog with a bunch of fun …

Hilarye12 Travel Challenges For 2012

1st Travel Challenge of 2012

Hey! Just in case you missed it, the first travel challenge was posted at Deseret News yesterday. I’ll give you a hint, it was long, used a lot of gas money and gave me a migraine.

Hilarye1st Travel Challenge of 2012