Hawaiian Flower Photos

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hawaiian pink ginger flower

Pink Ginger

Hawaiian flower photo Heliconia


White hibiscus hawaiian flower photo

White Hibiscus

white hibiscus Hawaiian flower photo

White Hibiscus

Purple hawaiian flower


Yellow Hibiscus hawaiian flower photo

Yellow Hibiscus

Bromelaid hawaiian flower picture


Baby pineapple dole plantation

Baby Pineapple

Plumeria hawaiian photo flower


Panama Pacific Water Lily Hawaiian flower

Panama Pacific Water Lily


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  1. Aloha!
    Lovely pictures! I see many of these flowers daily , I live in Hawaii on the island of ‘Oahu…

    The pink is a torch ginger.
    Red and yellow- looks like heliconia
    White and yellow flower- hibiscus
    Purple with green dots- look like a type of bromeliad
    Magenta- plumeria
    The last purple – panama pacific water lilly

    Hope that helps you out some!!!

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