Seagulls at Granville Island

Longing For The Pacific Northwest

Stanley Park, Vancouver British Columbia

Stanley Park, Vancouver British Columbia

For some reason the Pacific Northwest calls my name constantly. Is there a place out there like that for you? A place you constantly find yourself dreaming about? I know its kind of weird but even though I have not lived there since I was 9, it truly feels like home for me. Whenever I see that a movie is set or filmed in that area I get goosebumps while watching it.

Maybe it’s all the deep rich shades of green, or the possibilities of ocean, mountain, lake, river, a diverse terrain that screams explore me! I really feel connected to that side of the country.

So while I was writing up this awesome article for on Vancouver, British Columbia, it had me reminiscing of our last trip up there and I had a twinge of happiness and sadness. I’m just so far away. But either way you should check out my guide for fun places to see and eat and plan a trip to Vancouver ASAP!

HilaryeLonging For The Pacific Northwest

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