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But doesn’t this just seem like an awful idea to you? I mean this thing is going crazy all over pinterest and I don’t think people are thinking this through.


photo courtesy of tip junkie

photo courtesy of tip junkie

You really think this is a good idea to give a kid of any age a tackle box full of small high sugar pieces on a road trip? Have fun cleaning that mess up! I can see Reid cringing even thinking of the idea.

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  1. We recently returned from an Easter Week road trip, and after vacuuming, I still have Nerds candy and beach sand stuck in the crevices of my van. Road trip messes are inevitable, but this just seems like an invitation for disaster.

  2. A perfect example of why something isn’t necessarily a good idea just because it looks pretty! I have big kids and it would only be a matter of time before that turned into a nasty mess in the back seat!

  3. Totally agree! Besides the obvious mess factor from the food itself, my kid would hurl if given this much junk. And why would one want to make their child hyper from all the sugar while strapped into a car seat? Cleaning up the goldfish crackers and popcorn is enough already.

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