Exploring Majorca Off the Beaten Path: More Reasons to Pay a Visit to Majorca

Majorca, or Mallorca as it is also spelled, is well known for being a popular destination for package holidays to the seaside. Tall hotels stand close to beaches which are generally well covered with a mixture of sun-reddening and already-tanned bodies, while fleets of coaches ferry sightseers from popular venue to popular venue. The pleasant climate, beautiful blue sea and fabulous friendly locals combine with the lovely sandy beaches to make Majorca an excellent seaside destination.

However, there is so much more to Majorca than just beaches and sea and sun – in the capital city Palma there is a magnificent Gothic cathedral which offers a wonderful insight into the history of this beautiful island. The cathedral took four hundred years to build, with the first stone laid in 1229 and the last placed in 1601. Many visitors do find their way to the Cathedral, but there are many more who shop and sightsee in Palma without realising its wonderful history.

Well away from the hustle and bustle of Palma and the other traditional package tour destinations is the small village of Deya which is also spelled Deia. Robert Graves had a home here, where the houses cling to the sides of the cliffs that overlook the tranquil waters below. This beautiful and peaceful place has not yet been discovered by hordes of tourists, but there are some holiday-makers who have found it, and they hope that it remains the peaceful haven they love. Many celebrities holiday here, with some even purchasing holiday homes in the village.

The exquisite mountain range, the Serra de Tramuntaras forms the backbone of the island, running along a northeast-southwest axis. The entire area has recently been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status as an area of Physical and Cultural significance. The high cliffs have prevented the mountains from being overrun with visitors, leaving an untouched wealth of flora and fauna. It is possible to explore the area by hire car, on foot or by bicycle. However, please do be aware that there are pockets where visitors are not permitted, as well as some privately owned land where trespassers are not welcomed, sadly, at the moment this includes the highest point of the range, Puig Major, which otherwise offers fabulous views.

The villages of Sonner and Bunyalbufar welcome visitors, but are sufficiently off the beaten track to still retain much of their original Spanish charm and authenticity. Visitors are tempted by local delicacies and warm friendly hotel staff, and it is quite possible to make lifelong friends with the people of the mountains. The charming village Valldemossa is an excellent base for walking tours of the island, being situated a mere 20 minutes from Palma and yet giving access to luxuriant greenery and lush foliage.

By all means, enjoy the thriving beach resorts and fabulous retail opportunities presented by commercial Majorca – Majorca’s weather is perfect for a day at the beach; just remember to explore a little further a field to make sure that you get to see the best of everything that the island has to offer.

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