New Years Travel Resolutions

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Grand Teton National Park, October 2012

I love the new year with it’s clean slate and feeling of fresh starts. It gives way to possibilities and adventures. Normally, this is the time of year when we start extensively planning our travel for the next twelve months. We set goals as well as make a list of all the places we have our heart set on. But this year is a little different then most.


Last year we had a very ambitious goal with our 12 travel challenges and to be honest it wore us out. I think that I am just barely recovering from the exhaustion of it all. So this year when Reid asked what I wanted to do for travel this coming year, he was a little confused when I told him I wanted to focus on vacationing this year instead of traveling.

Some of you may be wondering what the difference is between a vacation and traveling and I suppose that is subjective. For many people (including us) that usually is synonymous. But for me, at least this year, that means a more laid back approach. It means playing with my babies at the beach. It means relaxing and watching the sunset. It means no itineraries and no set plans. It means much needed rest.

Why the sudden change? Well, a lot is going to happen for us this year. It’s all exciting with a pinch of terror. We are expecting our third baby this summer and are in the midst of planning a cross country move shortly after. It also means I’m shifting my focus to family and enjoying life on a little slower pace.


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  1. Congratulations on the baby and good luck with the move! I know exactly what you mean about traveling vs. vacationing. After your travel itinerary last year, you need a vacation. Our travel plans for this year are up in the air too, but we will be back on the road soon enough.

  2. We just returned from a vacation after having done several not very relaxing trips this year and it was wonderful to just take it easy and not have anything planned. Congratulations on Baby #3 and good luck with your move! Happy New Year!!

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