As If You Needed Another Excuse To Visit Peru

I love this video that was done to promote visiting the country of Peru. I haven’t been there but Reid went back in 2010 and has been talking and dreaming of going back ever since. I believe something about him changed after that trip, similarly to what is expressed in the video. He hadn’t been anywhere like it before and it awoke something inside of him.

Personally I love Peruvian food and crave it often and if I can get over my issues with high altitude I am sure I would really enjoy visiting Peru. I don’t think it would take much convincing to get me to go!

Take the three minutes and check out this video!


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One Response to “As If You Needed Another Excuse To Visit Peru”

  1. Cassie Says:

    Cute video! I hope you guys get to go sometime soon!
    And I agree on the Peruvian food. We’re getting together with some friends tomorrow night (including one whose originally from Lima) and we’re cooking a Peruvian feast! I’m hunting recipes right now, let me know if you have any! Happy new years, you guys…

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