Otter Creek State Park Camping Trip

The lake at Otter Creek State Park

As part of our 12 in 2012 travel challenges we had to complete a camping trip. We tagged along with the in-laws and went to the absolute middle of nowhere in Utah to camp. And while many parts and features of the trip were disappointing to say the least- the scenery was the one thing that did not fail us (and the company).

I love this picture. Reid said if you have never been to Ireland this is exactly what it looks like.

Our tents and campsite.

Cute BabyTravels hanging out in the shade while we pack up our tents.


HilaryeOtter Creek State Park Camping Trip

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  1. Allison

    I’m sorry to hear that the trip was disappointing. Are you going to be sharing some of those war stories later? We keep saying we’re going camping, because we want the kids to have the experience, but every summer we find too many other fun things to do that don’t involve sleeping on the ground. Way to make it happen!

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