TSA Changes Pat-Down and Shoe Removal Rules For Children

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TSA finally hears the complaints from parents on pat downs and bringing children through security. That is no doubt one of the most stressful parts of traveling with young children is getting them and yourself through security in what usually isn’t a seamless process. In an effort to make it easier TSA has lifted the restriction on taking shoes off children under 12 and will now take steps to avoid invasive pat-downs. You can get more information about it here.

BabyTravels has been on almost seventy flights and we have NEVER had an issue with her needing a pat-down or even being touched by a TSA agent. But we all know that there have been You-Tube videos of toddlers being patted down and other such outrageous events in the media lately that this is surely a response to the out-cry poured out by angry parents and media officials.

The changes should be in affect by the end of the week and should help out when it comes to holiday travel. I am looking forward to not removing BabyTravels shoes anymore. I always cringed when she walked barefoot on the floor and I always thought it dumb I had to remove shoes from her when she was a little infant. What are your thoughts?

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