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BabyTravels playing at Quail Lake Reservoir

We frequent the Saint George, Utah area quite often, at least six times a year. Most often these visits happen during the summer. For those of you who are not familiar with Saint George, Utah it is a popular place for Northern Utahns to visit. It’s about a four to five hour drive and it’s located in Southern Utah right before you cross the canyon into Nevada on your way to Las Vegas or Southern California. It’s also a popular stopping point for those traveling to the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell or Zions National Park.

It’s the perfect place for a quick get-away because it has sun, plenty of outdoor activities including hiking, rock climbing, four-wheeling, and lakes. It has outlet shopping, some good restaurants, a lot of historical sites, and much more.

We visit often because Reid’s parents live in a small town near there. For us it’s just a short fifty-minute flight and all of a sudden we are in the midst of 114 degree weather. But we don’t complain, because warm weather means boating, a day on the lake, and a nice tan (or sunburn). Maybe a little bit of good Thai food as well. We love it.

This time we went down for a family fiesta. Not quite a reunion but more of a gathering where laughter was shared and memories were made. There are few moments in your life that when you look back on you wish with all your heart to be back. To be back there savoring the moment and the situation because you know it will end all too soon. That’s how I feel when I look back on this past week.

There was a point when I stepped away from it all and found a quiet secluded picnic table to feed the baby. I sat and watched my neices and nephews play and Reid race his sisters in the water and thought to myself, this is what life is all about. Can I just pause this moment and make it last forever? I guess that is why they invented cameras.

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  1. love it…love it — so true! family and love is what it is all about – wish i could have been there!

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  3. Saint George is okay. We had an overnight stay there last year when we had a family road trip. Amazing people and the outdoor activities are unlimited. Hope we can go back there again.

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